The testimonials below are from genuine people who came to us for help. These people were going through a terrible time in their lives and allowed us to be a part of it during their time of need.

I joined Hope St age 17, feeling anxious and depressed and as though no one understood. I found Hope St and realised people do actually understand and I began to feel less alone, as a young person, this was massive for me. Hope St was by far one of the most helpful resources I found. I’m now in my second year at university, have a job and a relationship – all of which if you’d have told me two years ago, I’d have laughed and never believed you.



The reason why Hope St stands out to me is because the people who started it have experienced Mental Health issues themselves! It’s welcoming. It’s friendly. It’s real. I love this place and have personally witnessed tremendous changes in people who have walked through its doors! Its okay to not be okay. Hope St give strength and reassurance that there really is light at the end of the tunnel… their guest speakers talk to prove this is true. I will be forever grateful.

Debbie Atkins

Model & Dancer

My confidence has grown since joining the group in 2019 and I love the Sunday walks being around them and speaking to different people.


Declan Oneil

My confidence has grown since joining the group in 2019 and I love the Sunday walks being around them and speaking to different people.

Caitlin Rowlands

Had a really nice session tonight. was very helpful I felt really comfortable

Luizaa Louise

Such a lovely group tonight’s session was brill and so needed thank you to all

Camille Chetham

My son has struggles for years with anxiety, socially, during lockdown we were watching Hope St live and I said to him this is a lovely group and you’re not on your own. There is more people than you think who suffer. He’s now being going to the group for a few weeks, alone ,and doing the local walks. This group it gives him something to look forward to each week. This is such a fab group and you make everyone welcome. Thanks so much. Little Steps make a difference.

Marie Anderson

Straight talking people. Honest, helpful genuine teachers. They don’t beat around the bush. Definitely you would want these type of people to be your friend. You won’t go wrong with these lovely people

Maureen McGovern

Sheila has been very kind and helpful during the lockdown and supported me more than my own city

Simon Buckden

Hope Street is a place that you can share your day with people who have walked in your shoes. It not only offers support but also builds confidence and with all the differed things like camping, art, talks, the list is endless. It lifts your spirits and makes you feel that you are not alone.

Nikki Jaden Harrison

Hope St is a very welcoming and supportive environment. The whole team are very committed to improving the groups mental health. I was worried about attending for the first time but one of the team offered to meet me beforehand to make the process easier. Hope St provides person shaped support and works with you as an individual. I would recommend Hope St to anyone looking for support for their mental health.

Catherine Cain

When I contacted Hope Street I was invited to the very next one; a matter of days, not months. It was totally different and I didn’t feel out of place. The second I walked through the door I was welcomed and greeted by the warmth of those who attended. Whatever weight I was carrying just seemed to lift. Everyone was so friendly. They listened and spoke to me on the same level, confirming my story with theirs. I felt instant support. I didn’t feel helpless or lost anymore. I felt that this was the right place to be. The empathy was almost tangible. Everyone understands. Everyone’s been there.



When I first started at Hope St, I went along with the intention of seeing how I could support my family, as we had developed toxic relationships.

I was quite ignorant because I didn’t believe I had any issues and sensed the breakdown in relationships were due to outside distractions. However, the first session on Vision Boards left me wanting to learn more about myself and I was eager to learn what the next sessions were going to be. When I did return home that evening, I felt calmer and realised how aloof and self-centred I had become. It left me excited about returning and resulted in me attending thereafter every week.

All of the short courses I attended at Hope St, prepared me for the 6-week Emotional Intelligence course that I completed in March 2020. This course completely changed me as a person; listening skills improved, I became more confident in group and 1:1 conversations. Also, I began to trust people and not worry about judgement based on conversations I’d had because I was around others who also wanted the same future as me. The course has helped me to move away from toxic people and taught me that I have also been unkind and unsavoury towards friends in my past, which I dislike about myself.

Now that I’ve been educated in a friendly, welcoming and positive environment; I’ve become a better person and developed skills in self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship management and assertiveness; which have all tailored me into the positive person I’ve become who now receives compliments on my mindset, attitude to others and has enabled me to accept compliments from people and believe that they are true.

Julie Parkinson

Mental Health Nurse

I began attending Hope Street in September 2019. I found Hope Street by chance in an internet search. I attended Hope Street to make friends and gain support with my stress, anxiety, and depression.  I was motivated to attend from looking on the website, and when I spoke to Sheila on the phone. On attending, I felt nervous. It took me 8 months before I felt less nervous while being supported by three members of Hope Street. I was very shy and did not engage much in conversation at first, but from communicating with the other attendees that brought me out of my shell. 

I feel I have more of a positive outlook on life, and do not feel worried or hopeless about things in life. I do not feel isolated or excluded. I know have acceptance from others and have a better balance in life. I feel there can be a future full of opportunities and possibilities.


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