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Nicola Forshaw

Nicola Forshaw – Mindfulness Expert

After spending 15 years in corporate sales Nicola retrained in 2010 to become a therapist to help others improve their mental wellbeing. Nicola is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Hypnosis & NLP and an accredited Mindfulness teacher for both adults and children. 


Nicola’s accreditations meet the good practice guidelines of the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training which she is registered with. Nicola has extensive experience working with local, national & global organisations teaching Mindfulness-based training to improve staff wellbeing & performance. Nicola works with all levels of staff including executive teams & CEO’s. 


Nicola is committed to Continuing Professional Development criteria set by the associations she belongs and attends annual silent retreats to deepen her Mindfulness & meditation practice. Nicola has an established daily 45-minute personal meditation practice and takes great joy in practising Mindfulness in daily life. Nicola is passion about sharing her knowledge & experience with those who wish to improve their mental wellbeing. 


Nicola’s favourite quote: “You can change your life, you’ve just got to change your mind”