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  • 26th February 2019 – How To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

26th February 2019 – How To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence


Sheila Byrne will be holding the 4th of 5 sessions on how to improve your emotional intelligence, so you can lead a happier more fulfilled life.


Session 4 – Social Awareness

Are you socially aware?

Social awareness can be improved by training your brain in Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ, EI, or EIQ).


Social awareness is one of the 5 core competencies that are imperative for functioning in the community, at home and in the workplace. Without these skills, you will struggle to build positive relationships.


Many businesses are affected by low EQ because staff go off sick with stress, mental illness and even have a massive staff turn-over.


Twenty-three of Hope St. members who have a diverse range of mental illness all had low Emotional Intelligence when assessed and carers who worked with them were also assessed with low EQ. They are all now working to improve their skills, so they can develop their mental wellbeing.


For this session you will need to bring with you; a journal, note pad and coloured pens.


PLEASE NOTE: We don’t have any trainers or training providers affiliated with Hope St. We offer all of our courses free of charge at present.