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Be UR Own Light, Let’s talk positivity!


Hello my loves!


I thought I’d start my first proper blog, bar the introductory one, with something I try to promote as much as possible; positivity.. I try to be this smiley, bubbly person as much as i can be, really, all i want to do is make other people (as well as myself) happy! Positivity is something all of us claim to practice yet I don’t think some of us (me included) realize how being positive and taking time to reflect upon each day, pulling out the positives of every day, is super important.


I know that it’s easier to be positive for some more than others as for the latter half of last year and the majority of this year, i was part of the ‘others’ section of that group! Finding it really hard to see what i had achieved each day and constantly telling myself i could have done better. I then realized, after feeling sorry for myself and falling into a depression, i needed to stop thinking i could do better – i was doing my bloody best! Yes i do still believe that somethings could go better but i now realize that once things have happened; they have happened; there’s literally sod all i can do about it! I try my best with every single thing i do, i take every opportunity i can and try as hard as i can to look at all aspects of life with an open mind.


Now, i know for a fact that there will be people i know and love who will also be as harsh on themselves as i used to be/sometimes still can be – if this is you, i want you to know that whatever you’re doing is enough. Stop trying to please other people – again something i am guilty of! If you are not happy, you will never be able to make other people happy, not to be cringe but ‘you can’t pour from an empty glass!’ – if you look hard enough, there are positives in every single day, whether that be you’ve made your bed that day, listened to the birds chirping or watched the sunset – even if you didn’t make it out of bed that day, you could look at it as a positive as at least you where cosy and warm all day!


I do however realize that positivity is not in any circumstances the be all and end all, and is often extremely difficult for people – to anyone reading, don’t think i’m being that person who’s saying ‘oh it’ll be alright, just think positive’ – I’m not in any way saying that at all as i know myself this is a lot easier said than done. Sometimes negatives in people’s lives will massively out ride the positives, and you know what, sometimes it is okay to be negative, because sometimes, not often, but sometimes, things are just plain rubbish!


I didn’t quite have a plan for this post, but just wanted to see where it went – for someone who hates uncertainty, all this blogging stuff is good – getting me outside my comfort zone! That’s another thing, sometimes you just have to see where life takes you, take yourself outside your comfort zone, find a new comfort zone! I’ve become a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, after all that has occurred this year, which i will go into a little more in another post, I’ve come to realize that no matter how hard things get (trust me they got really bloody hard!) things will always work out okay in the end and to anyone struggling, hang in there – your going to smash life, I promise.


Remember to always be ur own light, chao for now, E x